A body's design determines its Focus and Tonal Depth.

FOCUS refers to an instrument's quickness of attack, degree of presence and overall sonic "cut".

TONAL DEPTH is an instrument's harmonic richness, width and acoustic resonance.


With a quick attack and maximum presence, solid bodies enable maximum power and optimal control. Many of our solid body guitars feature body chambering that retains our renowned acoustic resonance and enhances 'fullness' and 'punch'.

  • Focus10

  • Tonal Depth6

Center Block

Center block guitars provide a perfect balance of fullness and focus. The center block that runs down the body provides enhanced note attack and articulation while the body's air cavities increase resonance and harmonic richness. Gretsch employs a chambered center block to increase acoustic resonance, relieve weight and delver an excellent balance of richness and cut.

  • Focus8

  • Tonal Depth8

Hollow Body

Hollow body guitars deliver rich fullness and deep tonal resonance. Characterizing the "big body sound", this build type is marked by huge tones with great clarity and complex acoustic nuance. With hollow body guitars, less-focused tone gives way to a rich, complex and 'airy' tone.

  • Focus6

  • Tonal Depth9

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