The Gretsch Roots Collection resurrects timeless designs that take you through nearly a century of sound. Inspired by tradition, these instruments capture the voices and sounds of generations past and celebrate the deep musical roots inside each of us.

Acoustic Guitars

Inspired by tradition, yet rooted in pure Gretsch sensibility, our Roots Collection of acoustic guitars speak with voices that harken back to days gone by.

Gretsch's Gin Rickey and Jim Dandy Flat Top parlor-style models are faithful to the Gretsch "Rex" parlor guitars of the 1930s. Whether bluesy porch pickin’ or speakeasy swingin’, the G9520E Gin Rickey Acoustic/Electric with Deltoluxe Soundhole Pickup is a real gone finger-zinger classic, whisking you back to the halcyon days when the earliest Gretsch guitars fueled many a barrelhouse barn burner. Ideal for songwriting, practice or even as a travel guitar, the Jim Dandy is great for beginners or seasoned pros alike. Comfortable to play, and full of woody vintage tone with full-sounding bass, this little warm and pleasing tone wonder will inspire hours of playing joy. Meanwhile, the classic 1950s Gretsch New Yorker™ archtop guitar is an elegant grand auditorium model sure to become your new favorite for its excellent tone, effortless playing action and handsome good looks.


Remarkable Gretsch Ampli-Sonic™ resonator guitars add powerfully distinctive tone to the Roots Collection. The mahogany-body Boxcar™ Standard and Bobtail™ Deluxe each come in round-neck and square-neck models, and the round-neck Honey Dipper™ has a nickel-plated brass body. And don't even get us started on the "AlligatorTM" Biscuit Roundneck model. The heart of each richly resounding guitar is the new Gretsch Ampli-Sonic resonator cone, hand-spun in Eastern Europe from nearly 99-percent pure aluminum for fantastic volume and sonic projection.


At the request of Gretsch fans worldwide, the Roots Collection also presents gorgeous new Gretsch ukulele models. The uke is experiencing one of its phenomenal resurgences in popularity, once again bringing the lilting sounds of the South Sea islands to delighted ears everywhere, Gretsch’s three deluxe ukuleles—the Concert Deluxe, Tenor Deluxe and Tenor Cutaway Electric models—boast premium construction features such as quartersawn solid mahogany top, back and sides; one-piece mahogany necks and handsome semi-gloss finishes. The three standard ukes—the Soprano Standard, Concert Standard and Tenor Standard models—deliver laminated mahogany build and other fine features. Along with the Guitar-Ukulele, Resonator-Ukulele and "NYC" Camp Uke, all Gretsch ukuleles deliver great looks, smooth feel and wonderfully singing tone.

Cases & Gig Bags

Look, when hopping that next train toting your fine Gretsch Roots Collection instrument, why not do so in high style, convenient comfort and a modicum of protection from the elements by stashing it in a fine-quality Gretsch instrument case or gig bag? Having one or t'other is great for getting your instrument from point A to point B, and carrying one or the other makes you look even cooler and feel even finer. Food will taste a little better, the air will smell a little sweeter, your relationships will improve, and little cartoon birds will fly around your head singing happy songs all the livelong day. So invest in a fine Gretsch case or gig bag today, your Roots Collection instrument will thank you, and so will we.

G6295 Square Neck Resonator (Flat)

No. 0996495000

G6296 Round Neck Resonator (Flat)

No. 0996494000

G2180 Resonator Gig Bag

No. 0996481000

G2182 Dixie Banjo Gig Bag

No. 0996483000

G2184 Broadkaster Banjo Bag

No. 0996485000

G2193 Irish Tenor Gig Bag

No. 0996499000

G2191 Double Concert Ukulele Bag

No. 0996497002

G2192 Double Tenor Ukulele Bag

No. 0996498002

G2181 Mandolin Gig Bag

No. 0996482000

G2183 Dixie 6 Banjo Gig Bag

No. 0996484000

G2185 Clarophone Uke Bag

No. 0996486000

G2189 Concert Ukulele Bag

No. 0996497000

G2190 Tenor Ukulele Bag

No. 0996498000

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