Zella Day

Pinetop, Arizona
Los Angeles
Music Style:
Blends modern pop with a touch of psychedelic style and Western Bohemian flair.
“I want to be a respected artist. I don’t want there to be any confusion about whether or not I was writing my own songs or whether I could really sing them. I want at least one song to resonate with somebody for their whole life.” - Day to *Billboard*
Fun Facts:
  • Zella was named after the wife of a mine owner whom her parents discovered while learning about the history of Jerome, Arizona, where they married.
  • “At the time, my mom was also obsessed with Daniel Day-Lewis, so that's where 'Day' comes from,” she explained.
  • Day learned her first song, “Blowin’ In the Wind” on guitar at age 9.

Influenced By:
The White Stripes “There was something romantic about two people being onstage and making all of that noise. Being one person from a small place, it gave me faith that I could do something similar alone."


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