Lynda Kay

Hollywood darling and song stylist Lynda Kay is known for her 4-octave voice, big hair, and classic vintage style. Born and raised in Texas, her songwriting style was strongly influenced by other great Lone Star State artists such as Roy Orbison and Willie Nelson. Her rare contralto voice has also been compared to such classic vocalists as Patsy Cline, Dusty Springfiled, and Karen Carpenter.
The Buzz:
“With her towering beehive and David Lynchian theatrics, Lynda Kay is a compelling talent.” – Variety “Lynda Kay sings with the boldness of Wanda Jackson, the joie de vive of Lorrie Collins, and the melancholy of Patsy Cline.” -NO DEPRESSION
Fun Facts:
Prior to pursuing music, Kay spent four years at Texas Tech School of Law.

After twice flunking the bar, a relieved Kay hitched a ride to Austin with a friend and bartended at the then-new Stubb’s Barbeque.

Kay moved to Los Angeles in 1997 with $1,000 in her pocket. A month later, a broke Kay headed to Venice Beach with her guitar and a hard-shell suitcase as a makeshift kick-drum and began busking for a living.



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