James Bagshaw / Temples

Psychedelic Rock /Self-proclaimed "neo-psych"
Temples formed in Kettering, England in 2012.
The Lineup:
James Bagshaw (vocals, guitar), Thomas Warmsley (bass, backing vocals), Sam Toms (drums), Adam Smith (keyboards).
Fun Facts:

It took only 2 weeks for the two to record their first four songs (“Shelter Song”, “The Guesser”, “The Golden Throne”, and “Keep In The Dark.”

The building on the album cover of Sun Structures is an actual real building in their hometown.

"It's five minutes from our houses. We picked it for the cover because it was local to our town. It's a three-sided building, which is very odd, and it's three floors. It's what in England is known as a folly, which is a building without any purpose. It wasn't lived in. This guy, Thomas Tresham, made it almost as a piece of art. If you search 'triangular lodge,' you can read all about it. - Bagshaw to Under the Radar

The Buzz:
"’Shelter Song’ is a battering ram to the senses and soaked to within an inch of its life with retro references" – The Line of Best Fit.


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