Francisco Mesa / Nekromantix

Music Style:
Horror psychobilly
Resides In:
Los Angeles, California
Fun Facts:
Founded in 1989 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nekromantix relocated to Los Angeles in the early-2000s and signed with Tim Armstrong's label Hellcat Records. From Venezuela, Francisco joined the band in 2009 and celebrates his 10th anniversary with the band in 2019.
Francisco on His Gretsch Electromatic Guitars:
"I love the way they look. I really really enjoy them and then the sound, they just really good. They feel really good also. They are really balanced; they are not heavy at all. They are really comfortable - the necks. I really like everything about them. "I'm surprised that Gretsch is able to do something that is not as expensive that sounds good and handles so good."


G5422T Electromatic® Hollow Body Double-Cut with Bigsby®
SKU #2506014506


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