Abner Ramirez / Johnnyswim

Abner was raised in Jacksonville, Florida.
Resides In:
Los Angeles
Johnnyswim is husband and wife duo Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudana. Amanda Sudana and Abner Ramirez met in Nashville and began writing and singing together in the spring of 2006. The pair quickly found that their similar influences of folk, soul, and rock blended together lusciously, leading to the formation of Johnnyswim.
The Buzz:
“Their sparkly pop songs exude L.A. sleekness, but they'd easily translate to country radio with the application of a little twang and the lyrics frequently touch on the elation, complication and lifelong work inherent in love, devotion and family.” – NPR on 2016’s Georgica Pond
What’s in a Name?
Quite a bit if you are Johnnyswim. Amanda and Abner enjoy making up stories about the origins of their name. Some fans think it comes from a line in Jaws where the guy says “Swim, Johnny, swim!” Others believe the story they gave to Vogue about it being named after Amanda’s goldfish, Johnny, that died and how she kept yelling “he’s alive. Johnny, swim!” It’s also been told that it’s an inside joke in Amanda’s family stemming from the fact that she, nor her neighbor Johnny could swim as kids and the idea of “getting over your fears.”
Fun Facts:
Abner started out on the violin at age 6, something he stuck with throughout high school at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. When he was 10, he gave his first public performance at his violin recital at church

Abner’s mother-in-law was the late disco legend Donna Summers.


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