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Record producer, film and TV composer, musical director and songwriter, Fred Mollin's work encompasses virtually every genre and niche. Producing albums for such diverse legends as Jimmy Webb, Kris Kristofferson, America and Johnny Mathis, Mollin's career started early, as producer of the iconic 1978 worldwide hit "Sometimes When We Touch" by Dan Hill. Other more recent hits include the chart topping country duet 'Ready, Set, Don't Go" by Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as his recent Christmas single and album of the same name, produced for Johnny Mathis' "Sending You A Little Christmas". In another diverse recorded world, Mollin's Disney album work as producer/artist in the childrens' music realm have reached sales of over 2 million units.
In the mid-eighties through the present, Mollin's career also found him working tirelessly as a composer for film and television, scoring everything from Paramount's "Friday The 13th" movies and tv series to composing songs for Disney's hit animated kids' series "Handy Manny".
Perpetually in motion, Mollin's next projects are new productions for America, Jerry Douglas, Italian tenor, Matteo Setti and the prize fighter Manny Pacquiao!
Above all, Mollin is first and foremost a musician. "My first electric guitar was a Gretsch Tennessean when I was 13, and the die was cast. I still consider Gretsch electrics the guitars that allow me to sound like me".


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